By: Vianney Vaute / Cofounder & Chief Creative Officer

Don’t give us that look, Ben. Change is a good thing! / Photo by Blogging Guide on Unsplash

You know how there are people who win the lottery and then all their friends and family from before say “Oh, the money really changed them”? Well, that’s going to be Back Market. Money changes everything, and $335 million is a big chunk of change.

Of course, we have very specific ideas on how Back Market is going to change, and so do our investors. For our Series D funding, we’ve welcomed two new funds into the fold: General Atlantic, well-known for investing in companies that challenge and transform industries, and…

Vianney Vaute / CCO, Back Market

In 2015, Amazon decided to celebrate 20 years in its role as co-conspirator to the American people in their “little shopping habit” by — very appropriately — creating Amazon Prime Day, a summer event meant to induce a shopping frenzy and encourage people to subscribe to Prime membership. It’s working: analysts predict that the percentage of American households that subscribe to the service will rise to 50.3% this year. …

Vianney Vaute / CCO, Back Market

It’s been over 4 years since Back Market made its first sale, in France, where our story began. That was a time when Thibaud, Quentin and I imagined ourselves to be a little bit like revolutionaries, the three of us trying to reimagine electronics and e-commerce in our small corner of Paris.

Our vision then was clear and simple: to create a true alternative to buying new electronics — and with the same stroke, to be part of the solution to the toxic electronic waste problem resulting from the breakneck pace of production and…

The industry needs to be saved, one lemon at a time. PHOTO BY ELENA KOYCHEVA ON UNSPLASH

By: Vianney Vaute / CCO Back Market

The refurbished electronics market seems to be doing great, at least if we go by the numbers of the refurbished smartphone market that have been bandied around so much, with the global refurbished smartphone market (13% y/y growth) outpacing the new smartphone market (3% y/y growth) in 2017. More recent studies show that 2018 was the first time that the global smartphone market has witnessed a decline for an entire year. Some would like to attribute that decline in part to the refurbished/pre-owned smartphone market’s growth.

There is also, of course, the fact…

by: Vianney Vaute / CCO, Back Market

Something else is going on behind the scenes (📸 Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash)

Apple and Amazon have announced what many might consider an innocuous partnership. On the surface, Apple appears to be just another in a long line of brands that will sell their products on the monstrous e-commerce site that has become the go-to shopping destination for many Americans. As the world’s most powerful brand faces a slow-but-steady decline in new device sales, this change in strategy makes sense. Unlike batterygate or the (yet inoperative) T2 chip kill switch on newer Macs, there’s nothing about the partnership that is immediately shocking to the conscience. …

by: Vianney Vaute / CCO, Back Market

Photo by Oliver Pecker on Unsplash

We can bash Black Friday and mindless consumerism until the cows come home, but let’s face it — who doesn’t love a bargain? Credit cards in hand, people are going to go out there en masse the Friday after Thanksgiving and they’re going to keep shopping all the way up until Christmas. There’s a reason that the four week period between Black Friday and Christmas represents a huge chunk of annual retail sales (that number was about 20% in 2014).

This could be seen as a cause for discouragement, but in fact, it…

by: Vianney Vaute / CCO, Back Market

People feel good about recycling, maybe even more so when it comes to electronics. Remembering to take your computer or smartphone and dropping it off to be recycled feels like an accomplishment in itself.

But while electronics recycling isn’t bad — making it a panacea for the e-waste problem we currently have certainly is. Unfortunately, that’s how we tend to frame recycling — and companies are eager to jump on that bandwagon to appear more “green”.

Case in point: Apple. In 2016 there was a lot of fanfare around the unveiling of Liam…

A true story with an apocalyptic end (that may still, possibly, be averted).

by Vianney Vaute / CCO, Back Market

Instead of being faced with the doting and permissive public of earlier times, technology companies are now being asked hard questions about their ethics and their responsibilities to humanity at large. Slowly but surely, even the giants are being forced to listen and to comply.

The sun is setting on the Wild West days of unbridled (and unregulated) data collection, manipulation and sharing. The tech backlash, spurred on by a number of high profile scandals has led to concrete legislation — from large legislative bodies, like the notorious GDPR bill implemented by the…

by Vianney Vaute / CCO, Back Market

For months, the world was speculating about the new iPhone and holding its breath for one of the most awaited press conferences of the year. The buildup was enormous, with blogs and chat rooms filled with rumors and conjectures for and from iPhone fanatics.

The iPhone Xs. Great wallpaper. What else?

People find it easy to forget that just a short year before, we were similarly bombarded with a previous fleet of models that, if we’re being honest about it, weren’t significantly better than their perfectly adequate predecessors. …

Back Market

Screw New. Writing about our startup, planned obsolescence, electronic waste, etc.

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